Welcome to the 2008 Tailgating Season!


Documenting Carolina Panther Tailgating since 1999...  America is a free country, but unfortunately tailgating is not!  Our Tailgate flourishes due to the rabid support of our dedicated Fanz base as well as the new friends that join us!  Keep the party going by making a donation to the PantherFanz Tailgate Tip Jar and keep the best party in the lot going!!  Make an offering in the virtual Tailgate Tip Jar by clicking on the Make A Donation button located on the upper left hand side of this page!  Put some bread in the jar! Thanks for your support!!!


Pantherfanz 2006 Events

Here is what is happening in 2006

  • Panthers Regular Season Opener
    • Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons
    • Sunday September 10th @ 10:00am
      • Come out and open the regular season with the Pantherfanz as we open the regular season against the Atlanta Falcons. Falcon fans will be provided for your entertainment at no extra charge.


  • Pantherfanz Cajun Festival
    • Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints
    • Sunday October 1st @ 10:00am
      • Mardis Grad in Carolina. A Pantherfanz tradition is to honor the fine cuisine of Louisiana prior to watching the Saints go down


  • Panthers vs. Cleveland Browns
    • Sunday October 8th @ 10:00am
      • Open tailgate day


  • Pantherfanz Smoked Brisket Night
    • Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys
    • Sunday October 29th @ 4:00pm
      • Sunday night football event and Crazy Joe's smoked brisket. Nothing could be finer


  • Pantherfanz Monday Night with the Commish
    • Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • Monday November 13th @ 5:00pm
      • Joe Cahn the commissioner of tailgating will be coming by to visit our Monday Night tailgate. Pantherfanz BBQ with a South Carolina mustard flair will be the main course


  • Pantherfanz Canadian Chapter Event
    • Panthers vs. St Louis Rams
    • Sunday November 19th @ 10:00am
      • Our friends from the Great White North will be coming down for some golf and football.


  • Cedar Street Tailgating Chili Cook-off
    • Panthers vs. New York Giants
    • Sunday December 10th @ 10:00am
      • Do you have what it takes to make the best chili on the west side of Bank of America Stadium. Entry details coming soon


  • End of the Regular Season Party
    • Panthers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
    • Sunday December 17th @ 10:00am
      • Details TBD